Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes! They are juicy, sweet, and delicious. You know that tomatoes are great for you, right? However, do you specifically know why they are considered healthy food choices? Hmm, maybe they have Vitamin C? Or maybe they are fat free? Or is it because they are low in calories? Yes, yes, and yes! The benefits of tomatoes, however, are not limited to these three things only. The precious tomato contains plenty of essential nutrients, and thus, it is no wonder why it can be found in different dishes. The tomato juice is refreshing and tasty, and the benefits of tomato juice are endless as well. This juice is very popular, and that’s why it is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Let’s find out why tomatoes and tomato juice are a great healthy choice.

What Are the Benefits of Tomatoes?

Although many people think that tomatoes belong to the group of vegetables, they are actually a citrus fruit. Eating tomatoes is great because the benefits of tomatoes are truly endless. They are low in calories and are non starchy, playing a very important role in our everyday diet. The tomato contains great amounts of lycopene, which is considered to have excellent antioxidant properties. According to many studies, the intake of tomatoes and tomato juice is associated with lowering the risk of prostate cancer. If you are drinking tomato juice every day, you should know that the large amount of potassium is one of the best benefits of tomato juice. Potassium plays a vital role in transmitting nerve signals, the balance of fluids in the body, and other vital chemical reactions.

What Are the Benefits of Tomato Juice?

Regular consumption of tomatoes and tomato juice prevents blood clots. Speaking of the benefits of tomato juice, we cannot help but mention that the tomato juice is also rich in Vitamin C – a super-effective and very powerful antioxidant. This vitamin is essential because it strengthens the immune system, prevents cataract and hypertension, and it also lowers the level of lead in the body. This juice plays an important role in nourishing the cells as well. It tightens the skin’s pores, and therefore, it prevents damaging of the skin. People who suffer from acne are recommended to apply tomato juice on the affected areas in the morning and in the evening, and they will see amazing results. And, no, we are not done here; there are plenty of other benefits of tomatoes to mention.

Benefits of Tomatoes vs. Benefits of Tomato Juice

Many people are wondering what is better: a glass of tomato juice, or a few slices of tomato. If you make your own juice of tomatoes, then the benefits of tomato juice are almost identical to the benefits of tomatoes. However, if you are buying a commercial brand of juice, you should double-check the ingredients in order to be sure there are no such things like added sugars, salts, or chemicals. In addition to antioxidants and Vitamin C, tomatoes also have nicotinic acid, which helps in reducing cholesterol levels, as well as vitamins A and K, which help in preventing hemorrhages. Last but not least, tomatoes and tomato juice are natural fighters against cancer, and they contain chromium, which is great for regulating the levels of blood sugar.